Rishef Pubs to release anthology on life of late Kashmir journalist Izhar Wani

Cover Page of a Book

In its inaugural books, Rishef Publications, IND will be releasing a collected anthology ‘Complete Journalist’ on the life of prominent Kashmiri Journalist Izhar Wani, the young owner of the publication house said on Sunday.

“We are aiming to highlight the journalistic legacy of Izhar Wani whose career after all these years is inspiring for today’s young journalists”, Raja Ishfaq Lateef, the owner of Rishef Publications said.

“Izhar was a person who escaped death for six decades, I call him a complete journalist who reported extensively on conflict, human rights for AFP. Those who worked with Izhar Wani or have known him for years, I request them to be a part of this important project,” Lateef added.

Izhar Wani was a prominent journalist and Srinagar Bureau Chief of Agence France Presse (AFP). He died at the age of 43 after battling colon-cancer. Wani is remembered for his humble attitude and dedication towards professional work.

In one of the Op-Eds to Greater Kashmir, the award-winning photojournalist Showkat Nanda describes Wani as “anyone who knew him knew that his hugs were free and frequent. In an age and time when journalists are more concerned with form than substance, he stood out like a rose among thorns. I do not remember any journalist welcoming and helping young and aspiring journalists the way he did”.

Launched two months ago, Rishef Publication’s owner, Raja said they will work like traditional houses and it will be one of the first of its kind in Kashmir, while “the motto is to crave out the true creativity of the authors and to achieve literary excellence”. Raja said the anthology project will be completed in almost two months.