Sikh community stages protest against pro-market farm laws in Srinagar

GK Photo

Members of the United Sikh Forum Association staged a protest in Srinagar on Tuesday against the pro-market farm laws passed by the central government.

Scores of protesters, affiliated with the United Sikh Forum Association, Kashmir, assembled at Press Enclave to voice support for agitating farmers who have been holding protests on Delhi borders against the controversial farm laws.

A spokesman of the United Sikh Forum, Bikram Singh said: “We demand a special session of Parliament to revoke the new farm laws as the laws will not benefit the farmers but the major corporations. This is injustice towards the most important sector of the society.”

Calling the farmers and farm laborers as the soul of any nation, he said the government must protect them. 

He said the major corporations would take over independent farming communities and dilute the crops market value because of the newly-introduced farm laws.

Tens of thousands of farmers, mainly from Punjab and Haryana, have been staging protests against recently-enacted agricultural reforms since late-November. Supporters of the movement have called for a nationwide shutdown, or “Bharat Bandh,” today.