Trump was 'law-&-order president' and he did not cause Jan 6 riots, his lawyers tell Senate

File Photo of Donald Trump

There is a complete lack of evidence on the article of impeachment against Donald Trump, his lawyers told the United States Senate on Friday as they asserted that he was a law-and-order president and his speech did not cause the January 6 riots at the Capitol.

“We have a complete lack of evidence for the article of impeachment presented by the House managers,” Trump’s lawyer Bruce Castor said on the Senate floor. The impeachment by the House, the case for which was laid out by the House managers in the Senate during the last two days, was political.

“Their goal is to eliminate a political opponent, to substitute their judgment for the will of the voters,” he said as he showed clips of various Democratic leaders in this regard.

Castor said that the critical issue in this case is the very narrow issue that is charged against the 45th president. “That issue is did the 45th president engage in incitement of — they continue to say — insurrection. Clearly there was no insurrection, he said.