Two Muslim women 'stabbed' under Eiffel Tower in Paris

Representational Image. Source: Wikipedia / xiquinhosilva

Two Muslim women were stabbed repeatedly under the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Sunday, reported Daily Mail.

The victims have been identified as forty nine years-old Kenza and Amel who is a few years younger, both are from Algerian background.

“We had gone out for a walk in a park near Eiffel tower and to take a little tour. As we walked, two dogs came towards us scaring the children. My cousin who was veiled asked women there to keep their dogs chained.”

“To which those women refused and one of them took out a knife and slashed me on the skull, back, on the ribs and another blow on the arm,” said Kenza adding they then attacked my cousin.

According to Daily Mail, French police have arrested the two female suspects after an argument about dogs allegedly descended into violence and racist insults including the words “Dirty Arabs.”

Those in custody are described as being white women of ‘European appearance’, who now face ‘attempted murder’ charges, said city prosecutors.

This incident comes days after when a forty seven year old French teacher Samuel Paty was beheaded after he had shown the cartoons mocking Prophet Muhammad