Watch: Toddler falls from 12th floor of apartment in Vietnam; fortunately there is a happy ending

A delivery driver in Vietnam on Sunday turned into a virtual superhero in a matter of seconds after he caught a two-year old girl, who fell from the 12th floor of a giant apartment, Daily Mail reported.

As per the newspaper report, Nguyen Ngoc Manh, 31, was in his truck waiting to deliver a package in the Hanoi area of the country when he saw the toddler hanging from the 12th floor of the apartment clinging to the edge with one hand.

In the 40-second odd video of the incident, which has gone viral on the Internet, the delivery man can  be seen trying to settle himself on a makeshift roof even as the girl loses hold of the edge flinging down the apartment leaving the viewers scared to death.

But thanks to the delivery man’s heroic feat, the toddler ends up in his arms as he succeeds in catching her safely.