Watch: Turkish city taken hostage by sheep and goats

Screengrab of the video shared by NevÅŸehir city's official twitter handle/ @nevsehir_bel

The people in Nevşehir city of central Turkey were gripped by fear when they witnessed an unexpected anger by a ‘gang’ of five who unleashed terror in the streets of Anatolia region of Turkey. The ‘gang’ consisted of a goat, one sheep and three lambs. 

The Nevsehir Municipality’s official Twitter handle shared CCTV footage, showing the often shy animals wandering into buildings and charging towards security officers who try to drive them away. 

The video shows four legged beasts instilling fear into two legged creatures and roaming the streets like boss, “We have been captured by 1 sheep, 1 goat, 3 lambs,” read the caption of the video, which has now gone viral on several social media platforms.

The ‘gang’ of ‘horns and hooves’ is also seen attacking the people trying to enter the building and those in the vicinity.

According to local reports, the animals were later rounded up and detained at a facility called Animal Town. They were then returned to their owners