Goat milk products you should add to your skin care routine

Let's skim over some goat milk beauty range that one must definitely try on.
Goat milk products you should add to your skin care routine
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Skincare products such as soaps, lotions, creams andcleansers made with goats milk is slowly making way into the mainstream beautymarkets in India.

Shrey Kumar, Co-Founder & Director – Aadvik Foods thatrecently launched goat milk soaps, said: "Goat milk soaps are renownedacross the globe as it is good for the skin smoothening. Now, people in Indiacan also enjoy the benefits and luxury that are characteristic of thesesoaps."

Let's skim over some goat milk beauty range that one mustdefinitely try on.

Goat milk soaps

Goat milk soap is wonderful for people with dry or sensitiveskin as not only it helps in blood circulation but also it's lactic acid helpsin replenishing skin. Aadvik Foods, recently launched goat milk soaps in tworefreshing variants – tuberose and orange & lemon. These variants haveessential oils which fight against anxiety, insomnia, and dead skin cells alongwith boosting overall health.

Goat milk sheet mask

After a stressful day at the workplace, there is nothingbetter than hanging out in front of a television set or watching a movie on avideo streaming platform with a sheet mask to calm, hydrate and brighten theskin while you relax. Instead of having to get messy with a cream or liquidconsistency, sheet masks are easy to apply, and just as easy to take off. Andwhat better than a goat milk sheet mask. Nykaa's Skin Secrets Rose + Goat MilkSheet Mask is perfect for a nourished and radiant skin. It is loaded withvitamin B12 and B1 that acts as a lifesaver for a dry and sensitive skinproviding much needed hydration and revealing a glowing complexion.

Whitening cream

Goat milk whitening cream is one of the most effective whiteningcreams that contains milk extracts. The cream rejuvenates the skin and makes itglowing. It also helps in making the skin smooth, nourished and radiant. SkinDoctor Goat Milk Whitening Cream is a unique and specially treated goat milkcream which is the combination of goat milk extract which tightens and minimisefacial lines without causing skin irritation.

Goat milk face wash

Never heard about goat milk face wash? Well! It does exist.Goat milk facial wash, a specially formulated facial foam effectively cleansyour face, enriched with vitamins and minerals from goat milk to helplightening your skin. Biocare is one such brand offering goat milk face washacross e-commerce platforms.

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