Painting dreams in calligraphy

Self-taught artist seeks to revive the dying art
Painting dreams in calligraphy

When many others were feeling jittery amid pandemic lockdown in Kashmir, Snober Ashraf was up to something distinct. Though always fascinated by Nature and its beautiful wonders, this young artist had never had the opportunity to unravel her talent. The pandemic strangely brought that opportunity her way.

In 2019, Snober started her journey as a calligrapher when she saw a calligraphy post on social media. During the pandemic lockdown, she got a chance to explore this field, and this is when she felt that she was an inborn artist.

Snober, the self-taught calligrapher from Downtown, Srinagar, after completing a diploma in electronics and communication engineering, graduated in commerce and worked as teacher in a private school.

"Childhood is the golden period of one's life. I have found nature fascinating right from the beginning. This really connected me to art. The interest in art was cultivated within me, but I never took it that seriously," says Snober.

For Snober art is a therapy which gives one an escape from the harshness of the life by providing inner satisfaction and peace of mind.

"I have always been passionate about art, especially the Arabic calligraphy. I also do English and abstract calligraphy and sometimes I paint too," she says.

Apart from these, other themes she likes to cover include architectural paintings and art on pottery.

Using social media as a platform to showcase her talent, Snober created an Instagram account (, where she started uploading her art. The tremendous response she received encouraged her to work harder. "Everyone on social media appreciates my work, and this is what motivates me and keeps me a step ahead. Also, my parents have been really supportive. I owe everything to them," Snober says.

For this self-taught artist, there is no role model when it comes to art and craft. She draws inspiration from nature, the landscapes, the sunsets, the mountains and the clear sky.  "When I draw something, I try to create coordination between my heart, mind and hand," she adds.

Asked about her future plans, Snober says she does not believe in planning beforehand because there is no better planner than the Almighty. She believes that every artist was once an amateur for only hard work and consistency make an artist successful. "When we work for the sake of Allah, His blessings make ordinary work into extraordinary. If we believe in God and work hard, we can slowly and steadily create niche for others to follow," says Snober.

Snober has an optimistic message for the young and talented: Never be pessimist for pessimism drags you down; be patient because patience and prayer do miracles; and last but not the least, don't be afraid of failures as it is difficult to achieve heights without seeing a fall.

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