Teenager dies after playing PUBG game on cellphone for 6 hours

Teenager dies after playing PUBG game on cellphone for 6 hours

A 16-year-old boy died of cardiac arrest allegedly whileplaying PUBG battle game on his mobile phone for six hours at a stretch here inMadhya Pradesh, his father said Friday.

The deceased was identified as Furkan Qureshi, a Class 12student.

The incident took place on May 28 when Furkan Qureshi andhis family, settled at Nasirabad in Rajasthan, had come to Neemuch to attend amarriage, the teenager's father, Haroon Rasheed Qureshi, said.

Police said they have not been informed about the boy'sdeath by his family and hence not launching a probe as of now.

Before Furkan Qureshi became unresponsive Monday whileplaying the online game, Player Unknown's Battleground (PUBG), on hissmartphone, he 'shouted blast it, blast it', his father told PTI.

"He was a very active lad. My son was so engrossed inPUBG game that he played it from Sunday evening to early hours of Monday.

"He slept for a few hours and after getting up had hisbreakfast and then played the game for six hours at a stretch," HaroonQureshi said.

"Furkan shouted 'blast it, blast it' after his characterin the game lost a battle," he said.

The teenager was rushed to a hospital after he becameunresponsive while playing the game, but could not be resuscitated.

"I examined him at my nursing home. He wasunresponsive. His heart beat had stopped. I tried my best but he was broughtdead," cardiologist Ashok Jain said.

Another city-based cardiologist Vipul Garg said childrennowadays get so much mentally involved in playing battle games on mobile phonesthat their emotions run high due to thrill and excitement, and they often fallprey to heart failure.

Children should be kept away from such mobile games, Gargsaid.

Kotwali police station inspector Ajay Sarwan said they hadnot been informed that the boys death has taken place due to a mobile phone game.

"So we are not probing it," he added.

The popular smartphone game has been blamed for adverselyaffecting studies, overall behaviour, conduct and language of children.

The game has been banned by the police in some cities ofGujarat on ground that it leads to violent behaviour among children and youth.

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