Achan residents cry for school upgradation

Greater Kashmir

Achan, May 27: One of the oldest high schools of Pulwama district has not been upgraded for the last 46 years, giving the residents tough time to ensure their wards don’t end up dropouts.
 Government High School Achan was upgraded from middle to high school in 1968 following the demand and need in a vast area.
 “Students from 30 villages used to study in the school, but due to unknown reasons, it is yet to be upgraded,” the local residents said.
 “High and higher secondary institutions were sanctioned even to those villages, from where students used to come Achan, but now the oldest school awaits upgradation despite our repeated appeals to the concerned authorities,” the residents said.
  “There is no higher secondary institute in 5 kilometre radius. The students from at least twenty villages study here in Achan High School and it is regarded one of the best schools in district. The school has roll in thousands,” said Abdul Gani of Achan, a retired government employee and an alumnus of the school.
 “We are unable to understand as to when there is people are demanding higher secondary in the area, why the school is not being upgraded,” the residents blurted.
 The students of the area said that reaching Pulwama is hectic and results in loss of time. “And during strikes and shutdowns, our sufferings only multiply,” a group of students said.