Dodh Kul turns into cesspool

Greater Kashmir

‘Residents dump garbage in it’

Pulwama, May 27: Once famous for its pure waters, Dodh Kul, a stream traversing through the town, is fast turning into a dumping site for the garbage emanating from town, thus creating trouble for the people.
 Most of the garbage and waste of the town, especially from shops and homes, finds its way directly into the stream, making it a waste bin.
 “There is hardly any space in the stream which is without garbage. It always stinks to be near the Dodh Kul as the foul smell emanating from it sends you into nausea. It is a trouble for all, shopkeepers, commuters or anyone who happens to pass by it,” said Mushtaq Ahmad Dar, a school teacher of Pulwama.
 “In my childhood, the water of the stream was used for drinking and bathing purposes but now it is a cesspool,” Dar added.
 “The Irrigation department as well as the district administration are paying no attention towards the shoddy condition of the stream. It is a source for irrigation but due to its choking, the farmers are facing problems. Besides, the stream lends a bad shape to the town,” local residents complained.
 They said that they appealed to the district administration many times to look into the matter and clear the stream of its polluting ingredients but to no avail.
  “We again request the administration to clean the stream so that a burning issue of the town could be solved,” they said.