Pakistan may lose PaK, if Kashmir movement fails: Syed Salahuddin

Greater Kashmir

Muzaffarabad, May 16: Hizbul Mujahideen’s supreme commander Syed Salahuddin on Wednesday warned that failure of movement in Jammu and Kashmir due to Pakistan’s “cowardly policies” could lead to the loss of territory of Pakistan administered Kashmir.
 “India’s BJP has greater India on its agenda which includes the territory of PaK. If our struggle fails due to Pakistan’s cowardly policies, PaK may not remain azad (free),” he said in his address to hundreds of mourners who offered funeral prayers in absentia for four HM militants who were killed in north Kashmir’s Uri sector during a gunfight on Thursday last.
 Former PaK Prime Minister and PML-N AJK chapter chief Raja Farooq Haider, APHC leader Syed Yousaf Nasim, Jamaat ud Dawa PaK chapter ameer Maulana Abdul Aziz Alvi and some others also spoke on the occasion.
 In his charged speech, Salahuddin said if Pakistan was suffering any losses due to Kashmir issue it should distance itself from the movement.
 “Though our religious relation with Pakistan will always remain intact but we cannot tolerate that India is given the status of most favoured nation,” he said.
 He made it clear that the Kashmiris were not opposed to trade between India and Pakistan but trade at the cost of Kashmiris’ blood was unacceptable to them because it amounted to rubbing salt into their wounds.
 He also announced that Kashmiri militants could bring changes in their strategy to achieve the goal “but after consultation with the Kashmiri nation.”
  Listing the Indian army’s steps to strengthen its control in Kashmir, he however vowed that Kashmiris would continue their struggle until achieving right to self-determination.
 “From Karachi to Neelum valley, India is involved in anti-Pakistan activities, including weaponization of Baloch separatists. Unless Kashmir problem is resolved, Pakistan’s no other issue with India will see settlement,” he said.
  He dispelled impression that armed struggle in Jammu and Kashmir had died down he maintained that the militants had themselves restricted their activities to border areas after rise of peaceful protests in the urban areas.
 “No Kashmiri can accept surrender after offering sacrifices of 550,000 lives (since 1947). Those who are giving up jihad and fleeing PaK due to the (unpleasant) attitudes of governments here will neither escape the wrath of Allah nor punishment at our hands,” he said.
 Speaking on the occasion, Raja Farooq Haider stressed that the PaK government should work as backer of the movement because the purpose of its existence was to make this region a true base camp (launch pad) of struggle.
 “We assure Syed Salahuddin sahib that however and whatever may be the circumstances, Muslim League-Nawaz stands by the Kashmiri fighters. We cannot stay aloof from the movement,” he said.
 The outspoken PML-N chief said the only solution to Kashmir issue lied in holding plebiscite in the entire region in accordance with the UN Security Council resolutions. “Its very unfortunate that instead of taking steps for resolution of the core issue of Kashmir the rulers in Islamabad are eager in establishing friendship with India,” Haider alleged.