Potholes dot Rafiabad roads

Greater Kashmir

Rafiabad: Failure of the authorities to undertake repairs of roads here has led to development of pot holes causing immense inconvenience to the commuters.
 Due to dilapidated condition of roads here people of over 12 villages on either side of the Lesser-Chatoosa road face hardships to travel. The 15-kilometer stretch has not been repaired for past several years. The condition of the road is so bad that even the private bus operators have suspended their service on the route. 
 “Bad condition of the road has multiplied our problems. In absence of bus service we have to hire private sumos who resort to overcharging. The worst affected are the students. But who cares? ” said Ghulam Qadir of Lessar Rafiabad.
 The locals said that despite being declared as a Tourist village, the roads are in bad condition. “The Lessar-Chatoosa road approaches famous Mandji tourist destination. The condition of the road is so bad that many vehicles have suffered damages,” said Wali Muhammad of Lessar. 
 The residents urged the district authorities to take immediate measures for repairing the road to save them from inconvenience.