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Girls once again outshined boys in the merit list of the recently announced results of class 10th board exam. First three positions were shared by seven girls, while 255 students made it to the merit list of Top-20. Three class 10th toppers share their views about how they made it to the top, the right approach to adopt towards the studies, and the inspiration behind their success

There’s no shortcut to success
Samma Malik
Ist position in class 10th
School: Mallinson Girls Higher Secondary School
Marks obtained: 498
 “Ideas come alive when you believe in them. Dreams become reality when you work for them.” With this thought in mind, I studied throughout my matriculation year. I think life is like a movie.  Parents provide the inspiration, friends add spice to life, and several distractions play the role of a villain. To emerge as a successful hero, one needs to give one’s best, stay focused and work sincerely.
My elder sister excelled in the board exams last year. She was also a topper in 10th boards (secured 7th position), and she excelled both in her studies as well as extra co-curricular activities. So the benchmark was already set high by my elder sister and I had to live up to my parent’s expectations.
To achieve success, one should have faith in Almighty Allah, think positive, be persistent towards your goals and stay confident. Having blessings and love of parents and elders is also important in order to achieve success. Passion and enthusiasm for work is necessary to be successful. Never give up even if you face difficulties. Hang in there.
I studied regularly and consistently throughout the year.  Continuous studies for 15 to 16 hours a day is not the proper way to study. It only pressurizes a student, affects his or her health, and leads to depression. Instead, adopt a slow, steady and a planned schedule towards your studies, which I think is the key to success. It not only keeps a student focussed but also prevents him from falling prey to stress and fear of exam.
My parents helped me a lot in this endeavour. They were always a source of encouragement for me. They also boosted my confidence to excel in the board exams. My family always supported and guided me. The blessings and prayers of my grandparents also had a big role to play in my success.
The role of teachers is equally important in developing a student’s personality. Same was true in my case as well. I am proud of my teachers. I give the credit of my success to all my teachers as well. Never shy away from taking active part in extra co-curricular activities like essay competitions, seminars etc, which also broadened my vision.
Remember there is no shortcut to success. Think big, be positive, work hard and have the courage to dream big. Try and try again till you achieve your goal.

I have never been a bookworm
Iqra Bashir Makhdoomi
First position in class 10th
School: Model Public High School, Sopore.
Marks obtained: 498
I felt on top of the world on seeing my name figuring at the top of the merit list of matriculation board exam. December 17 is the happiest day of my life till now. I felt happy that I have come up to the expectations of my parents, teachers and all my well wishers. I had made up my mind to show outstanding performance in the exam. And now I feel that hard work, diligence and determination makes any impossible thing possible.
To all the students who are still studying in the upper primary or secondary school, I believe if you devote all your attention towards your studies and concentrate, nothing is impossible. Achieving success is not an overnight process, but you have to work hard from the very beginning. With perseverance and with the passage of time your efforts will bear fruits and you shall achieve your goal. I started my studies as a beginner from Model Public School, Sopore, where from I passed my matriculation exam with top results.
I am very thankful to Almighty Allah for bestowing me with success. I dedicate my success to my parents and siblings and to my school and all my teachers. My mother, being a good writer herself, developed a taste for creative writing in me. I really feel that hard work pays in the end and it doesn’t go waste. My inspiration has been my sister who qualified the prestigious state civil services examination (KAS) in 2011.
Throughout my life I have never been a bookworm, rather, I have actively participated in the co-curricular activities in my school. Under my captainship my class won many matches. I have been a consistent topper of my class since upper KG. I got first position in class 8th Board exam in the whole Sopore Cluster. I am well versed with Arabic language. I have been learning the holy Quran with Tajweed for the past eight years. I have participated in many Seerat quizzes and won many prizes. I have also been a recipient of Sakhawat Centre Scholarship (provided by Iqbal Memorial Trust Srinagar on merit basis) since the last three years. I have been a state champion in ALOHA thrice and have also participated at national level held at Tamil Nadu (Chennai) and Gujarat and bagged 2nd position there. This year I also started attending free classes from F.I.E Sopore, a forum which gives free guidance to young civil service aspirants, after I qualified an entrance exam conducted by them. Besides this, I also participated in an all-India tour in 2011.
I am very happy that I have come up to the expectations of my teachers and the Principal Sir of my school. It doesn’t matter to which school or town you belong to. What matters is the will, determination and self-confidence of a student towards his or her goals.

Hard work and dedication matters
Fiza Farooq
Third position in Class 10th
School: Prime Public School, Barzulla
Marks obtained: 492 
I belong to a middle class family. My parents work in the department of Health. I was overwhelmed when I heard that I have secured third position in the Valley in the recently announced class 10th board results. I was sure of getting fourth or fifth position, but when I heard that I have secured third position, it was a pleasant surprise.
I attribute my success to the Almighty Allah and then it is definitely my parents and maternal and paternal relatives who encouraged me at all levels and prayed for my success all the time. And I cannot forget the efforts of my teachers who helped me to materialize my dream. I think its dedication plus hard work that matters. I would say it is 99 percent dedication and only one per cent hard work that matters.
My study schedule comprised of six hours of study a day but later on, in the last two months, I stretched it to 10 hours of study per day. But I would make sure that I get six hours of sleep daily. I would start my day by offering morning prayers. As mind is fresh at that hour, I would recapitulate previous days work and then go for the tuition and school respectively. After coming back, I would take rest exactly for an hour. In that hour, I would do some painting, watch cricket, even if it was a repeat telecast! And then I would go back to my studies, get up to offer prayers, and then have snacks and dinner.
I want to become a gynecologist so that I contribute towards the welfare of women in our society. My family, especially my maternal uncles, encourage me to do whatever I aspire to. And they don’t force me to do anything which I don’t want to do. Also, I don’t think that I can do justice with anything I don’t want to do.
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is my role model. He stressed on the importance of education that is beneficial for this world as well in the hereafter. The first verse revealed to Him was “Iqra”, which means “read.” And He (PBUH) gave us moral education which we’re lacking in today’s world.
I don’t see any problem with the education system. When students get below average marks, they start blaming the system. It actually depends on how dedicated you are. I used to go to private tuitions and that helped me to some extent. Private tuitions, along with studies in my school, contributed towards my success. Since there is so much competition around, you have to be many steps ahead of your batch mates. So studying at school and taking private tuitions together help you to achieve the best.
I like contemporary painting and watching cricket which helps me to take some respite from my long study schedule. I don’t have a personal mobile and facebook account. As of now, I don’t need any mobile phone. And I think facebook is nothing but wastage of time. I read newspapers and magazines to keep myself updated.
I would like to tell youngsters to put your best efforts and be committed towards your studies. It hardly matters where you study or which town you belong to. The only thing that matters is how dedicated and hard working you are. And for those who scored less marks in the examination, I want to tell them that nothing is impossible if you are determined. Don’t lose heart. You can achieve success by dint of your grit and determination.
(As told to Muhammad Kamran Shamshad)