Banning private practice! We can't believe it

Greater Kashmir

Defies logic

Banning private practice of doctors once again symbolizes the nanny state Kashmir has become. It not only defies logic but it means putting ordinary people through great hardship. It begs the question, what right does the state have over a doctor’s private time? Why not penalize doctors who are violating their contractual obligations while on call or during office hours rather than a blanket ban on all kinds of practice.
It is time we realize that the state cannot provide health service to all and sundry. There has to be infrastructure in the private sector for people who not only can afford it but prefer it. There is an overwhelming public perception that banning private practice has added to their woes on top of the appalling  public health service.
These lop sided policies are once again indicative of the ad hoc and populist measures that politicians take which are mere symbolic than visionary. It is a lot easier coming up with a draconian and stupid legislation than a constructive proposal.
Come to think of it, how many politicians or their families have to stand in never ending queues to get a blood test done. They would rather fly to Delhi five star hospitals get their Hemorrhoids done, all  at taxpayer’s expense.
It is time for reflection and time to implement some common sensical pragmatic measures to make the best use of our hospitals and health professionals. A good start would be to ask the ordinary public what they want, rather than this condescending, pompous, the state knows what is good for you attitude. Give us a break – please,
S Imtiaz