Casting vote

Greater Kashmir

Whenever the word election is heard, simultaneously boycott hits mind. I have seen advertisements in papers with promises which always were made and never fulfilled. Shall we vote or boycott? It’s a question which none can answer with full authenticity.
If we vote we ask ourselves that why should we vote. Manifesto from the last so many decades is same, good governance, roads, water, electricity so and so. But this manifesto always remains there in theory, practically nothing happens. Now is the question of boycott. Shall we boycott? No authentic answer again. We have been boycotting since decades now and people still get elected and represent us for no reasons. We wont vote because we have seen innocents being killed, our plight and for the so many reasons. Does it help us? People win just by 21 votes and make declare themselves as leaders. That is the real chutzpah.

Dr. Hakim Irfan shahi