Consider this

Greater Kashmir

We appreciate the concern of Greater Kashmir regarding the physical and mental health of school children in flood affected areas and its role in voicing the concern of parents regarding school fees for the months of September and October, however there is a need to look into other aspects.
Postponement of examinations to March for all the classes is not an answer to the problems that student community in Kashmir is presently facing as only a segment of students has been affected and 80% of the student population has remained unaffected in floods. Though for healthcare revival, serious steps are being taken, there is no solid initiative to revive education sector in Kashmir post floods. If schools are damaged and unsafe, replace the structures-why are we hell bent on closing them? If children are traumatized provide psychological support to them in schools-refurbished and safe ones- but don’t close them.
It has become a habit for us to talk about lengthy winter vacations and long summer vacations little realizing that it has a deleterious effect on our children who get inadequate school days.
It is requested that GK should look into the issue of student community as a whole and not recommend a generalized treatment for all students. The devastating floods have affected students and schools but isn’t it the time for us to ask for a special package for these students and schools and help them to get realigned with their environment, at the same time letting other students continue with their routine and not  asking for a collective punishment. Moreover isn’t it overdue for teachers to work now-is anybody calculating for how long we keep them idle?
Dr.Rumana Makhdoomi