Deliberate delay

Greater Kashmir

Apropos the non-seriousness of Government formation here in J &K by the political parties. Two weeks have passed since the election results have been declared & yet there is no serious effort for Government formation. Spokespersons of different
political parties say that formal discussions are yet to start. There seems to be some intentional hidden agenda of the stakeholders to make the general public suffer by non existence of a functional Government. Whether this suffering is in the form of files pending at the tables of the babus, stoppage of developmental projects for want of funds, non-availability of day to day basic requirements , the pending GPFund/salary claims of employees or other malpractices in government departments due to lack of accountability — all adding the sufferings of the already victimized public. The political parties seem to be waiting when the general public will come beseeching these political representatives with the request to please do it now. This deliberate delay is causing a lot of hardship.
S M Ishfaq