'Dogri' wazwan

Greater Kashmir

During my recent visit to Mumbai I was attracted to TTF at Bandra Kurla which was a widely publicized event. My special preference in the fair obviously went to the stall representing my home state and its famous wazwan.
Fortunately the stall was very easy to locate as it was conspicuously visible from the entrance gate. I was overjoyed to observe the crowd of visitors at the stall. I also went to the stall and ordered for my choicest wazwan cuisines. However, something that disturbed me was the presentation of some dishes which are not part of our wazwan.
On enquiry I was informed about some names like Ambal Rajmah, Kheer etc. that to my knowledge have never been the part of our wazwan. I looked at the banner second time which read: “Ethnic Dogri Food and Kashmiri Wazwan”.
Clubbing Dogri foods and Kashmiri wazwan together I think would create a confusion among the outsiders for they will consider Ambal, Rajmah and Kheer as parts of wazwan and, maybe, wazwan a part of Dogri Ethnic Food. I request the authorities organizing such trade fairs to keep separate stalls for each local cuisine.
Qaiser Hashmi
Versua Andheri-East
Via Email