Gold leaves

Greater Kashmir

This refers to the review of The Book of Gold Leaves published in GK. The book is a heart wrenching saga of love drawn amid politically turmoiling state of Kashmir during nineties. The two lovers Faiz and Roohi not only question the barriers intersecting Sunni and Shia on religious lines by marrying each other but they represent the triumph of love against challenges put by society where life is under the barrel of gun. Faiz  the protagonist of novel being a paper machie artist is a reflection of Kashmiri cultural heritage. While acknowledging Mirza Waheed’s effort of  drawing upon historical and cultural facets of Kashmir to frame the narrative there are a few explicit lapses that need be done away with.The mention of Faiz and Parveen Shakir to provide political and emotional angle to the text could well have been replaced by Mehjoor and Lal Ded. The
writer who is expected to be the literary representative voice of Kashmiri land has to be fully conscious of its literary and cultural roots.
Bhat Tabish
South Camps KU