Historical facts

Greater Kashmir

This refers to the statement issued by Mustafa Kamal General Secretary NC regarding Gaw Kadal massacre in 1990 and has blamed Mufti Sayed, Jag Mohan and CRPF. Blaming them for this massacre is denial of historical facts. The main culprits behind these killing are the persons who welcomed the killers in1947 as Toyran Ababeel, in spite of great resistance of Maharaja and Ram Chand Kak. Kak sahib was sent behind the bars on account of this resistance.  May I know who is responsible for killing of people at Rambagh, HMT crossing and Budgam in 1947? Why you forget the incident when the teeth of Mr. Watali SP Srinagar  were broken by  the  Army during  the  rule of  your father and  was  asked  by Late Abdul Gani Lone to  resign   in  protest   I  want  to  your  memory  that  in 1947 (Nida-E-Haq). A  Hindu Minister visited present Bangladesh and from there reached India. In this way he showed his loyalty to Mother India throwing the ministry to winds but alas! We the people of Kashmir have been put to trouble by so called well wishers and we the sufferers lost our kith and kin since 1947 till date. The present situation has only exposed the bitter realities which we have been facing since long.
Majruh Majeed
Alucha Bagh