If sting operations on politicians, why not on doctors?

Greater Kashmir

The rampant corruption in the state has left no department unaffected. The menace has even entered into health sector. It is sad that even some doctors write substandard drugs. They demand money from companies dealing in drugs to write their medicines.
In order to give money to the doctors these companies have over-priced their products. Besides, they also pay huge commission to the retailers to sell their medicine. These retailers are also being given several gift packs for selling huge quantity of medicine.
In some cases it has been seen that a particular medicine which is being supplied to the retailers at Rs 1000 is sold in the open market at Rs 5000 onwards. In this way the poor patient is not only fleeced off monetarily, his/her health is also put at stake.
These companies may have an excuse that they spent money on research and development, but then that should not be used as a justification to corrupt the doctors.
Even essential medicines are priced so high that a common man cannot afford to purchase the same. By making huge profits these companies may ultimately grab the market and push the genuine companies to the wall.
There is another problem that need to be highlighted. Even as these companies tend to show that they follow ethics, in actuality what they do is against ethics. They appoint medical representatives and fix huge targets for them to achieve. To achieve the targets these MRs are being allowed to give more and more commission to the retailers, besides several packages.
The need of hour is that Indian companies should come forward and provide standard products at reasonable prices. The government should also ensure that no company is allowed to exploit the poor patients. The government should devise some mechanism to regulate drug pricing.
This is a serious issue that needs to be given due consideration. Media conducts sting operations on ministers and officials. Why not do same on doctors?
Rajiv Kumar
Via Email