Is Anybody Listening?

Greater Kashmir

Establish Khidmat centre
We the locals of Village Madwan, Gund prang, Chrang pora, Banyari, Sodnara, Malikpora and Mukdamyari etc face numerous problems related to E-Goveranance facilities like e-finance, e-tendering, loan documentation, e-education, online documentation related education, results, DTP work etc. Since Oct 2010, advertisements were published in media for establishing a Khidmat centre at Madwan Sonawari, Dist. Bandipora. Many applicants applied for the same centre, some other formalities like Interview, verification of site etc were done. Since then there has been no response from the government.
We want to convey through this service to the higher authorities of the concerned department to kindly look into the matter.
Tanveer Ahmad Wani
Madwan Sonawari

No compensation for Khareef Crops
The deluge on 7th September 2014, not only damaged the houses, shops etc of Kashmiris but also damaged 100 percent crops mainly paddy and vegetables.
Nandi area of Kulgam district is considered the rice bowl of Kashmir. This area received a huge loss to Khareef crops due to this deluge. A vast area of land of this area is without any harvest, as farmers are upset. This area from Khudwani to Sangam and Redwani Payeen to Naina, which includes also Halqa Wanpora of the Kaimoh district Kugam was fully damaged.
Till date the government has not released any compensation for these crops as was promised earlier. There is a serious problem of Rabbi seeds mostly oats for fodder for coming season. The silted paddy grass is quite dangerous and unsafe for animals. Hope government will pay special attention towards these burning problems of the farmer community.
M S Naik
Progressive farmer, Nandi

Make J&K smoke free
This is regarding the menace of smoking in the state. According to some surveys Jammu and Kashmir has the highest number of cigarette smokers in the country. Approximately 26.6 % of people in the state use Tobacco (including smokeless tobacco). In 2007 Chandigarh become the first city in India to become “Smoke free.” Despite some difficulties and official apathy the Smoke free Chandigarh project has been a success story. Taking a cue from Chandigarh cities like Shimla also followed the smoke free model to become smoke free. Recently J&K become first state to declare poll booths as No Smoking Zone in recent Parliamentary Election of 2014. Even in Jammu & Kashmir Smoking in public Places is banned but despite the ban people of J&K can be seen openly smoking at public places. Recently New York has raised minimum age to buy cigarette to 21, why not India following the same principles of Law so that the youth generation especially minors life can be saved. Our State Govt. should also take a bold step in stopping the smoking in Public Places and even Legislation should be passed in which age for buying cigarette should be kept as 21 years.
Younus Trali
Advocate J&K High Court Srinagar

ATM needed
We the residents of Arihal Pulwama request J&K bank authorities to please install an ATM in our village as we suffer a lot in the absence of the same. We also request the higher authorities to please repair the road leading to Pulwama. Whenever we travel in any vehicle it seems that we are travelling through Mount Everest or K2. Large pits are common here and can cause dangerous accidents. Hope government wakes up from the slumber and resolve our issue.
Mudaser Khan
Arihal Pulwama

Widen roads
We have requested so many times to R&B department that the link road from Larsun to Khranihama should be widened. We hope higher authorities and concerned MLA Ganderbal and R&B department should take matter into consideration and take effective action.
Bhat Javiad

Lack of primary health centres
We the residents of village Khranihama, Lar Ganderbal bring into the notice of concerned health minister that our village along with other adjoining huge populated villages have no facility of Primary Health Centre (PHC). Residents of the village have to visit far away places for their treatment. There is only one PHC that caters to more than thirty villages. Some times it is difficult for pregnant women and elders to get proper medical care. There is a meadow land available that is suitable for construction of a PHC in Khranihama village. If concerned health minister takes a step towards its construction for the sake of humanity, many precious lives would be saved.
Bhat Javiad Hassan
Khranihama, Ganderbal

Repair the link road
A link road on the periphery of national highway by-pass leading to Khanday Mills Gulshan Nagar (SECTOR-C) is badly dilapidated due to construction of a concrete deep drain and unabated rainfall resulting in lot of impediments to pedestrian movements particularly school going teens. The inhabitants of area chased the concerned authorities to get rid of this problem but of no use.
The chilling winter is at a little distance and in case this few hundred yards road stretch is not repaired and blacktoped, the volume of intricacies would assuredly increase beyond expectations. Hopefully the grievance is addressed as quickly as possible.
Sheikh Abrar
Gulshan Nagar Sector-C
Bye Pass, Srinagar

Network problem
We the residents of Bemina Nundreshi Colony B Srinagar are facing very weak network from BSNL. The BSNL is the worst service provider so we request the concerned authority to construct a tower in our area so that our woes are redressed.
Ishfaq Majeed

Continue our services
Government engaged high-qualified unemployed youths in education department on a meager salary. We are working more efficiently as we are from the same locality but now our future is in darkness and government should formulate a policy on the pattern of Rehbar I Taleem for us so that the candidates with upper age limit can save life of their families. Many of us have left private jobs some have stopped their M.Phil and Ph.D degrees in mid session and joined for the job. Now we are requesting to chief secretary, secretary and director education to issue order of continuation of our services and make any policy for contractual teachers.
Tariq Ahmad Bhat
Bon Makhama Magam

We the MGNREGA employees 2008 are working @ 4500 per month. We have no job security. We request commissioner secretary and director RDD of the state to please do justice with us. All employees are well qualified with degrees ranging from Masters to Ph.D. Most of the temporary Employees left good private jobs to work here. So we request our higher authorities to think about our service continuation because this is not matter of a single person rather this is matter of 4500 individuals or 4500 families to be precise.
Lone Imtiyaz

Shift college
We the students of Degree College Pampore are suffering from last three years as we are receiving our college education in four rooms at Govt. Boys Hr. Sec. School Pampore instead in our college campus at Tulbagh Pampore. When college administration started the admissions firstly in the college in 2012, at that time they assured us of swift shift to new campus. But due to the govt. apathy, we are yet to shift to the campus. The third year students who got their admission in the college in 2012 are on the verge to bid good bye to college but campus buildings are still under construction and the construction work is going on at snail’s pace. From past three years the college authority have given us many assurances regarding the new campus. But all assurances have proven false. So, we appeal the government and concerned authorities to wake up and complete the remaining construction work speedily, so that we can shift there and proceed our college in its best spirit.
Hilal Lone
Students of GDC Pampore

Road widening
We the people of village Harie district Kupwara appeal to the concerned authorities that the widening of road from Kralpora to Harie was started four years ago but still the road is in such a condition that it takes hours to complete the journey which otherwise can be accomplished in a few minutes. The road connects almost ten villages to the rest of the valley but it is very difficult to walk even by foot through this road. It is a record that till date not a single Minister or any member has visited here to listen to our sufferings. We tried many times to inform the officials but no one is ready to pay heed.
Muhammad Umar Mir
R/O Harie, Kupwara

Unsafe schools
I am a student of Tyndale Biscoe school whose house was recently destroyed in floods. I and my family are now living in Lalbazar at my uncle’s place. I don’t have books to study and my school is forcing me and other flood affected students to have exam and most important there is still bad smell and unhygienic environment in the school. The walls are cracked and even teachers admits that it is not a safe place. Our principle replied to our pleas by saying that majority of students are in favour of exams, which is a lie. Majority of the students are flood effected who don’t have home to live including me. The school wants to conduct exams so that they can collect fee of October and September.
Khalid Mir

Hukkah bars
I am a student of Burn Hall school. On 06/11/2014 i went to a famous restaurant in Lal Chowk and atmosphere there stunned me. The waiters were providing teenagers with hukkahs to smoke. He even told me that students of almost all missionary schools of Lal Chowk come here after bunking their classes and smoke hukka. The waiter even told me that if I give him a good tip he will give provide me a private room and hukka, so that no one can disturb me. He even told me that here one can have full privacy because no parents or old people come here. It is my humble request to the officials of Srinagar Municipality Corporation and other law enforcing agencies to look into this matter so that we can save life of teenagers whose lives are being ruined. These places should be banned for students in school uniform. The said café was already penalized once for providing Hukka bar service, but now they seem to have started it again.
Fahad Bhat
Lal Chowk

Irregularities in flood relief
Flood relief in cash or kind is misused by patwaris, who are assigned for survey to frame lists of flood affected people. The duties are misused, the flood relief is therefore biased. The government should come out with a comprehensive and foolproof plan to provide succour to the flood affected people.
B A Kochai
Barsoo, Awantipora

Transformer problem
It is my painful duty to write here about the misery our area is facing in the shape of darkness for the last one month. We have waited a lot with the hope that our problem will be solved by the administration but probably we were wasting our time as the government hardly cares about we people except when it comes to election. When our patience touched the extreme, we were compelled to bring a new transformer with our own finances. It is a well known fact that during this miserable phase of ours, we can hardly afford any finance particularly the poor ones but who cares. We need some answers from the government about the misery we and other people keep facing.
Aadil Farooq Dar
Braw-Bandina, Pulwama

Gas shortage
We the citizens of Yaripora want to say that there is huge gas shortage in our town. Many villages are connected with Yaripora like Dassend, Kokergund, HS Bugh, Badroo etc. The gas vehicle contains only 300 cylinders in which more than 50 cylinders are distributed in village Balsoo, so only less than 250 cylinders reach here. There are two spots for gas distribution. First the gas vehicle distributes gas at first spot (Kispora) and if any cylinder lefts there, then it is distributed at second spot (Azad Mohalla). We have to report at second spot at 6.20 am and wait till 7.30 pm to get the gas. There are many persons waiting for their number which include school students, ladies, daily wage workers etc. Daily wage workers suffer from great loss. The gas cylinder to daily wage workers costs more than Rs 700 and also the school students suffer from loss. Quarrels take place everyday here. So, we request the concerned CAPD officials and the officials of the gas companies to solve this problem by distributing at least 500 cylinders at these two spots.
B D Rubani Rashid
Yaripora, Kulgam

Bills for no service
The hitech BSNL network has sent the telephone bills for October 2014 to Shivpora residents despite the fact that no telephones or any cable or their wireless network works in the area. There is no BSNL cable visible on the ground. They should desist from subjecting their customers to such an inconvenience.
Javeed Lone
Shivpora Rose Colony

KU clarifies
This is in response to the grievance made by PG students on 03-11-2014 under the title ‘Unfriendly KU’ in “Is Anybody Listening.” We would like to put it on record that as per the feedback received from Head of the Dept History it was in the spirit of compliance to the University circular No F (Semester. Examination) DAA/KU/14 dated 13/10/2014 that the concerned department initiated a process of conduct of Exams as well as continuation of class work and entrusted the job to its faculty members to consult the students of both semesters (1st &3rd) to continue the class work on working days and to appear in the exams on Sundays. The 3rd semester students showed their instant willingness, whereas the Ist semester students requested to give them a little time to take a decision. Subsequently they approached one of the faculty members with dates convenient to them. The dates were subsequently published in the press and the examination of the 3rd semester students is smoothly concluding till date exclusively on Sundays, whereas as per the information received by us from the History dept the examination of the first semester students was sabotaged by undue intervention of the vested interests. Therefore the exams of the first semester students in view of confusion created by a handful of students, were instantly postponed till the completion of their 2nd semester course of study.
In view of the above we fail to observe any mode of force or pressure ever used against the students by any faculty to appear in the exams as alleged by one of the PG students in the aforesaid news item.
Abid Qadri
Public Relation Officer, KU