Is Anybody Listening?

Greater Kashmir

Declare selection list
We had applied for the post of junior assistant (Kashmir division) of J&K subordinate judiciary (high court of J&K) under adv. no. 755 dt. 21.02.2013. Later on, our interview was held in high court of Srinagar. But still the selection list is not declared. We request the concerned authorities to please declare the results as soon as possible.
Faheem Mehraj

Take action
The officers of J&K Bank Branch who have shown gross negligence in handling insurance claims should be punished and removed from their responsibilities. Lot of loan account holders who have suffered for their no fault should be given the same treatment as have been given by all other insurance companies.
Faizan Bakshi
Lal Chowk, Srinagar

No water supply
We the residents of Vilgam Mohalla Amdarpora district Kupwara are suffering badly due lack of water supply facility. Our village population is more than 300, but still we don’t get clean drinking water. Also the government has given us the Forward status which is sheer injustice to us. We appeal to DC Kupwara to visit the village and see the condition on spot.
Reyaz Ahmad Malik

Bad roads and power cuts
We the residents of Gariend, Wahabpura and Bajgariend in Budgam area are facing immense hardships because of bad roads. These roads have been macadamised just once during the last century. Our roads have now become our identity. Power cuts seem to have followed the same route. Now we request higher authorities to kindly repair the roads and have a look at the frequent power cuts haunting our locality.
Bhat Bilal

Damaged transformer
We the people of Dawood Colony of Muqam-e-Shahewali village of north Kashmir’s Kupwara are facing immense hardships due to a frequently damaging transformer in our area. Last time we collected Rs 50 per household and took the damaged transformer to workshop. We were shocked by the reply from officials that “there is no government at present and whatever you have to do, please do it on their own.” Then what is the rationale of paying monthly electricity bills. In last four months, the community transformer has got damaged on six occasions, leaving over 100 families under darkness in harshest winter. We have been repeatedly demanding upgradation of transformer as it gets damaged every now and then. We are facing immense hardships in absence of electricity. Education of our children is suffering badly. Patients and elders are facing difficulties in absence of the electric light
We appeal to JK Peoples Conference chairman Sajad Lone and MLA Kupwara Bashir Ahmad Dar to personally intervene into the matter so that a new transformer is installed in our area..
Tanveer ahmad

Power cuts
We the residents of Damidullah Frisal of district Kulgam are facing the problem of electricity shortage. We only receive less than two hours of electricity daily from 6 pm onwards, 6 to 8 pm or from 8 to 10 pm and sometimes not even half an hour. Same is the case during the days too. Majority of the people here are from Below Poverty Line category. So, these power cuts have direct impact on the future of students here and also add to the miseries of the people. On the other hand this village is a flood prone area but the authority has failed to make it a backward village till now. We receive electricity from Yaripora Electricity Receiving Station. Yaripora is a Tehsil headquarter. If Yaripora is facing such electricity shortage, then what is the fun of making Yaripora a Tehsil headquarter? If not then what is going wrong with we people? So, it is our humble request to the concerned authorities to look into this matter and provide us the electricity as per our share.
Paul Aabid
Damidulla, Frisal Kulgam

Plea to Director Education
This is to draw the attention of the Commissioner Education and Director School Education Kashmir towards the order no. 3DSEK of 2014 dated 22/09/2014 in which teachers were promoted as Masters. These Masters could not join their respective places of posting due to Model Code of Conduct which came into force due to 2014 State Assembly Elections and the order remained in abeyance.
Now, when Model Code of Conduct is not in force, the Masters have to join their respective places as per the order. However, there is no problem for teachers who have been posted in the same region and nearby places. But the problem is with those who have been posted at Leh and Kargil districts. It will be very inconvenient for them to join these places at a time when Jammu – Leh National Highway is closed and air tickets are not available. Even if one manages to secure tickets it will involve huge finances. Besides, Leh region is reeling under a cold wave and schools have been closed for winter vacation.
Therefore it is requested that the joining time for these Masters be extended up to March when the schools will open again.
Promoted teachers

Collect power dues from everybody
This refers to the slacked effort of the PDD officials towards ensuring a regular payment of electricity dues in our locality. It is excruciating to note that only a handful of households are morally driven to pay the dues while a large chunk in connivance with the local linemen refrain from any payment. This is sheer injustice. In this capacity it is requested that the higher-ups from PDD intervene at an earliest and, apart from ensuring a regular and a timely payment of electricity bills in general, make it sure that every household clears its withstanding dues as soon as possible. 
Mohammad Muqaddas Hussain
Khanpora Budgam

Erratic power supply
The refers to the change in scheduling of electricity by PDD. This is sheer injustice to us as we don’t get electricity as much as we pay for it. If PDD has scheduled the timing then they need to cut off electricity fees too. We are fed of this department as we can’t do anything, we can’t even study due to darkness. I think we are back in the past studying under the candle. I appeal to PDD chief kindly provide better electricity.
Kaisar Ali Baba
Mohalla Syed Afzal

Repairing a drain
The maintenance and repairing of drains is in full swing in Budgam these days. Unfortunately a portion of drain in Pandith Mohalla has not been connected with the manhole, with the result the whole purpose of drain is wasted. This way the bathrooms constructed by the adjacent families may also get damaged.
The matter has been taken up with UEED department vide their letter no DDCB/UEED/16742 dated 11-12-2014. Still nothing on ground has been done. So, in this regard needful may be done at earliest by the concerned department in order to serve the purpose of drainage system in this 21st century and modern era
Aneel Koul

No water and electricity
We the residents of Ummerabad Kreshbal Srinagar are suffering badly due to lack of water and electricity supply. The mohallah has remained in darkness for the last 5 years despite the fact that we reside only 6 kms from the city. The lack of facilities in our area is making it look like a thorny desert. We request the concerned departments to please take an immediate action in this regard.
Ummer Rasheed
Kreshbal Srinagar

No email service for SSRB
It looks very astonishing that SSRB is not having its own emailing address in the present world of technology where one can access the global news with a simple finger touch. Some two months back i wanted to send a mail to the Chairman SSRB but despite my repeated search I could not find the mail address and ultimately i had to travel around 150 kms from my place to do the same. I contacted Ms Shagufta Parveen chairman SSRB but the phone was picked up by her PA. I requested the PA to provide me with the mail address but he said that since SSRB has no such facility and instead desired me to drop the letter in the office that took a lot of time besides made me to travel a long distance. This is unbecoming for an officer of the stature to deprive the aspirants of the facility, and simply shows the callous approach and work culture going on in the SSRB. I can’t make any comment on the modus-operandi being adopted by SSRB but can say that the commitment of the state government with regard to hassle free and transparent administration dies its own death.
Hope the SSRB authorities are made accountable for depriving people of this facility.
Mohsin Ghani

Exams awaited
We have applied for the post of Junior Stenographer (item no. 737 & 749) invited vide advertisement notice no. 10 of 2013 dated 10-10-2013 by the service selection board. Despite lapse of more than a year we are still waiting for the examinations. Please look into the matter and do the needful at earliest.
Mushtaq Mir

Hospital needed
We the inhabitants of Kanelwon, Bijbehara have dire requirement of a well specialized hospital. We are confronting this problem since the day villagers settled their life in Kanelwon. Some years back the then government sanctioned a hospital for the village but it got consumed by politics due to some anti development elements. People of my village have to travel to Bijbehara for treatment often at night time. Now we appeal the administration especially our MLA Mr Abdul Rahman Veeri to help us in sanctioning a hospital so that we feel a sigh of solace in future.
The problems don’t end here. We don’t get clean water, proper electricity, jobs and our roads are broken. In order to tackle down these grave problems Mr Veeri must utilize the CDP and other development related fund on priority basis so that people will not feel a sense of alienation on the development side. Let’s hope that the Hon’ble MLA takes care of afore mentioned problems of my village.
Mudasir khan
Kanelwon ,Bijbehara.

No reliance internet
After the devastating floods hits the Kashmir, we the residents of Batamaloo are unable to access reliance Internet. It always shows it is in roaming and because of that, our business and work got effected immensely. Now we request the concerning authorities to look into the matter and resolve this problem as soon as possible.
Owais Khursheed Dar
Banapoora, Batamaloo

Problems in teacher list Kupwara
How is it possible that a candidate scoring high marks is being eliminated and the other scoring lesser being selected? It seems SSB is hell bent on playing with the sentiments of candidates. It is worth to mention here that, candidates getting 64 pts in item no 462 are being put in the waiting list, while as the candidates getting 58 pts in item no 442 in the same category are being selected. One more important thing is that the screening examination, interview panel and selection process was same, then why this disparity? I appeal to the authorities to investigate the selection list and bring out the facts.

Neglected water supply scheme
The water supply scheme from Kamad to Chechdipora in Anantnag is a neglected one as the concerned officials of PHE department despite requests show no interest in plugging leaks from supply point upto Kamad. The pipes in the portion leak at almost every joint damaging crops in nearby fields besides the adjacent road. So keeping the situation in view the Chief Engineer of the department is requested to either get the pipes replaced or plugged permanently to ease the trouble.
Mohammed Amin Mir

Typing Test
Candidates who had applied for junior assistant posts District Cadre Baramulla in October 2013 have appealed services selection board to conduct their Typing Test without any further delay. Application forms were invited for these posts vide advertisement no. 10 of 2013 under item No.789 and 794.
district Baramulla.

Problems at Lasjan
In Srinagar there exists a rather ‘un-famous’ place namely Lasjan which is just 5 kms away from the south of commercial hub Lalchowk. The place is known for the electricity breakdowns. From day to night sometimes the power doesn’t come for a second. When contacting the concerning authority their reply is usually same that there is some fault in 33000. And the other times they say that it is our turn. We appeal to concerned officials and the concerned MLA to kindly look into the matter and provide us the electricity as per our share.
Asif Malik

Power cuts at Tral
This refers to the fact that the residents of Tral especially from the villages Monghama, Diver, Khasipora and Nahir are facing so many difficulties because of unprovoked and unprecedented power cuts. The consumers pay Rs 530 per month for power supply but the PDD is not able to provide a power supply of even Rs 200 to the consumers. This is totally injustice with the people of Tral as they are paying huge amount and instead the department is not paying any attention towards these helpless consumers. Now we appeal the officials to kindly look into the matter and do the needful.
Ishfaq Bhat

No electricity
This refers to the fact that we the residents of Nasrullah Pora district Budgam are only two kilometers far away from the district but are almost always without electricity. On the other hand some politically affiliated villages like Palar, Bodana, Mirgund are enjoying 24 hours power supply. This is totally a sheer injustice for us because we pay same electric bill that they pay. We request to PDD Budgam to solve our problem and treat everybody as equal.
Mudasir Mir

Without pay
We the GRS’s of Kashmir division particularly of block Kunzer of district Baramulla are suffering immensely because our salary has not been released for the last three months. At present we are literally begging for pennies. At times we don’t have the fare to reach at our duty places. The reason being we are deprived of our basic right. We work shoulder to shoulder with our RDD employees but still the department looks at us with different yardstick. We appeal to the concerned authorities to kindly intervene in this matter and release our salary of the last three months. We would be highly obliged.
Unpaid employees

Water problem
We the dwellers of Madeena Colony Burza Bagh Devi Pora Buchpoar Lane Number 4 want to bring into the notice of concerned PHE officials that we don’t have water facility since 25.12.2014. In these winter days we have to go and fetch water from other lanes and streets. We have been in touch with the field staff but there is no progress. We also appeal your kind selves to kindly sanction the basic service line from 0.75” to 2” to ensure smooth water facility services as we face a lot of problems during summers as well. We hope the matter will be expedited.
Dwellers of Burza Bagh
Through Mushtaq Bhat