No exams

Greater Kashmir

This refers to the ongoing dispute, “Whether Pre Board exams should be held or not?”. Many schools, including the elite schools of Kashmir valley, have decided to conduct the pre-board exams as it is necessity for admission in class 11th  of the same school. While school authorities make excuses saying that they’ll go by students’ wishes, the ground reality is completely different. On one hand students protest saying that they have lost their books and they are devastated. Yet the school authorities are unmoved. They’ve decided to go on with their schedule of conducting the exams. They know that students can’t afford to score low as it will affect their admission for the next class, and they’ll have to pay a huge sum of money, for their re-admission in the same school. Also, the students are not mentally prepared to appear in the exams. It is requested to the Director Education to be vigilant enough to act in favor of the affected students.
Sabeel Ahmed