Overhauling needed

Greater Kashmir

Once again 12th class results are out underlining the same old percentage rat-race. The cut-throat competition and percentage mania are threatening the future of our educational system. The do or die atmosphere created by parents in families and teachers in coaching centres is giving birth to many psychological problems in the students. The attempts to suicide or frustrations are the part of this parochial understanding. Our academicians and think tanks should, instead of giving undue importance to the number of marks obtained, ponder over the real purpose of education i.e. the development of all round personality. Quality and not quantity should be stressed on. Learning should be made a pleasant experience and not a drudgery under which students undergo day in and day out.
To keep pace with the world our educational systems needs reorientation. The sooner it is reoriented, the better it would be.
M Ibrahim Khaja
Rawalpora, Kralgund
Handwara, Kashmir