PDP Manifesto

Greater Kashmir

This refers to the PDP ad cum manifesto on the front page of Greater Kashmir on 1/12/2014. Honestly speaking I am not very much interested in voting because Kashmiri politics is same rotten and corrupt as it was decades before. After reading the manifesto of PDP I was really impressed by the details of the agenda. I am neither a supporter of PDP nor that of NC but the thing which impressed me was that PDP has included “City Traffic Mess” in its priority list. The mess on our roads is really blood sucking. Their agenda has given well attention to the minute issue as well. I think entry of some well known people likes Nayeema Ahmad Mehjoor and Mr. Drabu has proved to be very sensible and we welcome if PDP fulfills its promises if it comes into power. PDP’s agenda is pretty different than NC because NC remembers autonomy and article 370 only at the time of elections otherwise they never talk about it. They should bear in mind that people cannot be fooled by autonomy and Sheikh Legacy for long time because new generation is educated and we know what they did in last six years.
Shakeel Ahmad Shah