Pensioners' Verification

Greater Kashmir

The woes of the aged pensioners have been further deepend by the issuance of the recent circular by the J&K Finance Department once again asking them to parade before the concerned Treasury Officers. This exercise is ridiculous in this age of digitalization. The Finance Department has taken recourse to Rule 5.71 of the Jammu and Kashmir Treasury Code Vol. I without knowing that the said rule pertains to those women who do not show themselves in public while Rule 5.83 of the said Code applies to others. What an irony that the Department does not know the appropriate rule itself. Both the Rules have become irrelevant consequent upon the Government of Jammu and Kashmir making it obligatory for every pensioner to draw his pension emoluments from the branches of the J&K Bank Ltd. The treasury officer has ceased to be the disbursing officer of the pensioner. This job was assigned to the manager of the branch of the bank.
Predhuman K Joseph Dhar,