Peoples' choice

Greater Kashmir

This refers to the write-ups “Do we Really Have a Choice” and “Today is Tomorrow” by Majid Maqbool (Nov. 24), and Mehmood ur Rashid (Nov. 22) respectively. Both the authors in their respective columns present democracy as a passive exercise, where people have to accept or reject the choices. Democracy, substantively, is not about being a passive receptor of choices presented from the above. Rather it is about actively participating, and, if need be, changing the political atmosphere for better. It is about being part of the process, not just the mute spectator. We, the Kashmiris, need to actively search for the solutions to our problem(s), rather than wait for the ready-made solutions meted and doled out to us by the ‘leaders’.
Zahid Hussain (Qazigund),
Research Scholar,
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.