Physically challenged

Greater Kashmir

This refers to the day we dedicate to the physically challenged people. There are certain wrong notions and myths about the persons with disabilities. But they are very special people and should not be written off. That they are burden on the society in general. Mind it, they are people with immense potential, full of will power, grit and determination to accept the disability bestowed by the lord. They are brave tolerant and wonderful souls. Unlike able bodied people, they live with their disabilities throughout their life. Hence, always in stress, pain and agony which they never complain about. A sudden twist in the body makes a normal human being so distressed. Now imagine the pain of those who are physically challenged. They remain calm and calculated and show tremendous tolerance level. Hence they join the group of the SABIREEN. The people with tolerance level are lord’s favorite. They depend directly or indirectly on their family support. Disability brings slowness in life, but still disabled people  overcome the difficulty by sheer power of will. There are hundred and thousands of examples where people with physical disabilities have scaled new highs. They have shown their mettle by participating in Olympic games, in WWF wrestling. We must learn to respect them. They are the real VIPs we must pay honor to.

Abdul Hamid Dar   (Physically Challenged)
Rtd Dy General Manager
JK Tourism Development Corpn Srinagar
Bagh e Mahtab Srinagar