Postpone exams

Greater Kashmir

This refers to issue of holding or postponing exams. This is the time when we need to cooperate, we don’t have to think about the unaffected students but about the affected students who have suffered and are suffering. This was a natural calamity and there is no fault of affected students in this regard. We must not be selfish and insensitive. We need to think about the suffering students and not about the unaffected. Even if the syllabus is complete by this time and students have studied for the full year but the students are presently in trauma. It is impossible for them to face exams. And if the government conducts exams in November giving concessions, wouldn’t it be an injustice to the sufferers again? Yes because the unaffected students will be benefited that way. Again, the books of many students have been washed away, what about them? What about homeless students? No one understands the pain of others, and this community is being very selfish in this regard. Let’s think about all who have suffered and not only about those who haven’t been harmed in the recent floods.
Sahil Shah