Probe it

Greater Kashmir

I was sad to learn that the Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) launched by the Government of India two years ago is yet to take off in Jammu and Kashmir. 
 Although the flagship child protection scheme is operational in majority of other States since its launch in 2009, but JK has failed to reap its benefit owing to the “lackadaisical approach” and “inefficiency” of the Government officials over past two years. Who is responsible for this? The Government of Jammu and Kashmir must order a probe and fix the responsibility. There are a number of centrally sponsored schemes which the Government is not able to adopt for unknown reasons. Are people being deliberately deprived of the benefits under such schemes? The government has failed to see why different programmes are not being implemented in time. There is a dire need to have a strong monitoring mechanism for such issues which concern public. Any delay should be dealt with strongly.

Shahid Bhat
Islamabad, Anantnag