Respect mandate

Greater Kashmir

This refers to Faheem Aslam’s article `Muftis matter, not people’. PDP is a philosophy bound organization. Its existence is based on a broad  spectrum covering peace, development and prosperity of the turmoil affected state. AFSPA revocation, strengthening of Article 370 have been the basic concerns of PDP. Rejection of “Alle kare wangan kar, bab kare lolo” by the people has made PDP as a substitute to dynastic regime.
             PDP has always prioritised public interests as it believes that public is the essence of power. J&K is a multicultural and multilingual state with varied traditions and customs – even topography differs from region to region. All the three regions are to be taken on board while devising any alliance for government formation or decision making.
            One must bear in mind that Kashmir and Jammu both the regions have voted against the former coalition partners and any future government demands to be in line with the aspirations of the people’s verdict.
Ashaq Hussain