Samarra attack

Greater Kashmir

The attack on the holy shrine of Imam Ali Naqi (AS) and Imam Hassan Askari (AS) in Samarra is a calculated attempt of the Anti-Islamic elements to create dissension among Muslims. We should keep our cool in these circumstances and prevent any sectarian violence, otherwise we will be, unconsciously, promoting their cause.
The blast should be condemned everywhere by both Sunnis as well as Shias so that the message could be sent to those ill-fated persons who want to divide the Muslim world. It was great to read that protestors in Budgam were raising slogans like “Shia-Sunni Bhai Bhai”, which is a good sign.
Both the communities should realize that the Muslims – both sects – are the target, not a particular sect. So we should get united and fight anti-Islamic forces prevailing in the world. Incidents like the one of Samara will test our endurance and commitment.
Syed Ali Safvi
Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
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