Sandwiched' students

Greater Kashmir

I read the news “school children sandwiched between two classes.” These students are claiming that they have already appeared in 75% of the syllabus, and need mass promotion for the sake of remaining 25%.
I wonder is it the 25% of the syllabus  that makes them feel they are sandwiched or is it the hypocritical human nature wherein we want to go against the flow. We all know If government would have announced mass promotion we would have started protesting against. We would have demanded the postponement of the exams to March and when they did we stand against it. Pampering a child is good but it should go to a certain height. If these very students can handle Facebook,  Twitter, watsapp, instagram and what not at a time. Then where is the problem in handling 25% of the syllabus and a new class at once.
Haiqa Khan