Service rules

Greater Kashmir

One wonders why service conduct rules are not applicable to a section of blue eyed government servants who despite being taking monthly salaries from the state government department coffers, are not governed by the rules prescribed for discharging duties as such. When you initiate disciplinary action against any particular employee for reaching late to office or for any dereliction in discharging the duties, what about those who despite not attending any schools/ offices are being paid their monthly salary, even enjoy promotions without attending legitimate duties. They instead stay at home or enjoy abroad with spouse for years together. Normally the government awards promotions on annual performance reports or results and so on, and when you give such a concessions to a particular class of blue eyed employees which is beyond the imagination of a poor employee. Although it is mandatory for all employees then why employees with no political or any other back ground are humiliated or taken to task for reaching late by an hour or so, or are found absent without filing a leave application for a particular day. Every employee is governed by a set of service conduct rules and civil services rules apart from status and position. But why in some government offices these rules apply to the extent of common employee only, and is not it the duty of the employer to initiate action against the erring employee for not attending  the duty for so long, and why some of our officers hesitate to inform the higher authorities for initiating action against such employees, who are  habitual of misusing his/her power,  political and bureaucratic approach or any other background? It looks that the drawing and disbursing officers seem working under tremendous pressure due to some interventions or have been made handicapped on different pretexts.
Muhammad Farooq Wani