Transfer industry

Greater Kashmir

This refers to the news item `Education dept converted into industry of transfers, corruption’ (GK on 24th Jan). This is what common masses expect from our trade union leaders. In fact the issue should have been raise very early, anyway we still hope for the desired results. One thing has been missed in the statement from the union leader. He has not urged on the DSEK that keeps him and CEOs away in implementing the orders of detachment of teachers/lecturers from the office including DSEK office too. This is despite clear cut orders issued by the govt some 6 days ago about repatriation from offices to their substantive posts and postings.
This is one of the biggest factors behind deterioration of academic side and rampant corruption in the offices. State Institute of Education Kashmir, DIET Srinagar and SSA offices have become safe havens for those close to bureaucrats.
Owais Khan