Unfair decision

Greater Kashmir

This refers to the ongoing exam debate. There are ways and means to ease the examination processes and that will be better to implement  rather than to postpone it. The places in every locality can be safely used for examinations. The students at least can be relieved from this agony so that they remain busy with other required activities during the upcoming months. The winter itself creates depression in the valley because of lack of the basic amenities. There is now no reason to stretch examinations to March, as lot of syllabus stands already completed by the most of the students. Nothing is to be completed further and it takes no reason why it should be postponed. When we have been able to work in places which were inundated for a long time, why it is not possible to take examinations of students at places which are convenient  with relaxed rules. The decision must be revisited and exams must be conducted without any further delay.

Aijaz Sahaf