Unheard voice

Greater Kashmir

This refers to the conduct of Elections 2014. It’s dismaying to note that right to self determination is withering these days from the minds of people. You cannot board a bus, as it is filled with the crowd of mainstream supporters. Voters await a revival with the coming of BJP government. The ‘kamal ka button’ seems to change the whole political equation in Kashmir. But here our brothers, want a separate ‘revival’, revival through their votes. Certain questions are painful. Did they not care about all the atrocities committed on the people of Kashmir all these years. Do they really want a change at the cost of injustice. Do they want governance forgetting everything else what has happened earlier.
Our politicians keep deceiving people with the same old slogans of ‘sadak, paani, bijli’ which is found nowhere. Let’s stand with those half mothers, half widows and listen to the unheard voice of the people who stand neglected in this noise of elections.
Javaid Ahmad Mir
Chairman JKLF