We must uphold the dignity of our female folk

Greater Kashmir

This refers to the comments of Mr Beg, Dy CM (Greater Kashmir) about the daughters of Kashmir who are compelled to dance on various occasions. Mr. Beg minus politics, in past  was known for his passion for perseverance of Kashmiri culture, which unfortunately  got mellowed down with his  entry into power games of politics. It is  good to see him back and I am sure he is capable of stopping all these shameful practices in all establishments and educational institutions, provided he is not constrained by his political compulsions. He can  take a serious note against those administrators or Heads of department who exploit our daughters and sisters to perform such shameful acts, on the pretext of promotions or benefits in career or examinations. I was shocked to see female medicos from Jehlum Valley Medical college in Delhi attending cultural festival that too in the holy month of Ramadhan, and it was more painful for me to listen, that they had participated under a threat from the head of institution. Those who know ground realities of professional colleges, it is not a surprise anymore. When we were students it was a practice in Government Medical college Srinagar, where new entrants in their first year, were forced to participate in those cultural activities against the wishes of students, and parents who would accept it fearing that there was a threat to the career of their daughters if they declined. How factual this was, we as parents and guardians should act responsibly, and at least we can resist, protest  and if possible change the place.    
 This reminded me of incident related to my daughter, who was not allowed to cover her head by the by school authorities till I had to use all my to get such an acceptance.  I hope he takes cognizance of all  such practices when most of times such acts are done to please the chief guest who most of the times is a politician. We must learn to guard our chastity and follow the values as ordained in our religion. Islam upholds the dignity of a woman which we must protect at any cost. She is not a toy to be used for the entertainment of a politicians.
Dr. Fiaz Maqbool Fazili

No threat
Dear Editor,
 This refers to the letter ‘save Ambri fruit from extinction’ by Dr.G.M.Tak. Ambri fruit crop is confined to Shopian area but it is not at the verge of extinction. Scientists of Fruit Research Station Balpora/Phanu are working on the Ambri crop. It’s is facing problems like late precocity, alternate bearing, susceptibility to powdery mildew and poor fruit quality. SKUAST scientists are working on many experiments and have almost overcome majority of these problems. Ambri budded/ grafted on malling rootstock have borne fruit just after 3 years. Minister of Agriculture visited Phanu Fruit Research Station and appreciated the work of scientists. Scientists of this station have already undertaken the project on alternate bearing by using interstocks (double grafting), Canopy management experiments and survey selection programmes. Few promising selections have been selected and have been planted at the station. Division of Pomology, SKUAST has entrusted the problem facing Ambri fruit crop to a Ph.D student. Fruit research station at Shopian is selling fruit plants of Ambri both on seedling as well as on malling stock, and people have shown interest in it. Vice Chancellor is himself keen in preserving this crop and scientists of Pomology division have almost saved this crop from extinction. And we are sure that this crop will flourish in the orchards of valley.
 Dr. Wali Muhammad Wani
 Senior Scientist
 I/c Fruit Research Station
 Phanu/Balpora Shopian

Both true
Dear Editor,
 This is in reference to the letter by a student, ‘Not True’ (GK, 21-12- 2007). It is not girls only who depend on rote memory. She has pointed out the success of girls in mathematics to prove her point. Although 10th class mathematics can be easily memorized but the recent entrance examination results saw girls topping in physics subject in the MCQ type of paper which by no means can be achieved by rote memory and requires clear understanding of the concepts. But on the other hand the psychiatrist’s opinion in the news report is also right (GK, 17th December). Majority of girls like to memorize rather than learn the concepts. Though there are many boys who also like to do the same, but the percentage is far more in case of girls than in boys. A testimony to this fact is that far more boys qualify competitive exams than girls (provided seats for girls aren’t reserved). Every special success requires a special effort. Girls deserve credit for doing well in the matriculation exams for the last 3 or 4 years. Both exams (competitive and matric) are altogether a different ball game and different types of brains excel in the scenario it is best suited for.
Qazi Waris
MBBS Student
GMC Srinagar

Sheer discrimination
Dear Editor,
 Recently I was keenly following news channels on the occasion of Idd and Christmas, and watching programmes on these occasions provided a startling revelation. India’s continuous rhetoric of being secular country comes to halt on the occasion of festive celebrations. Muslims have only two celebrations in the year: Idd-ul-fitr and Idd-ul-azha. Recently when Idd-ul-azha was being celebrated, no special programme was telecast on the news channels. Only once in the morning Doordarshan greeted Muslims. Rest nothing. Complete blank. But come Christmas and the Indian channels beam Christmas greeting to the whole of India. There is nothing wrong in it because most of these private channels have large foreign investments and their honchos mostly come from the Christian background. But the surprise was that even DD lacked behind in greeting Muslims, which apparently has no such foreign funding. During Christmas special programmes were telecast and yet on the occasion of Idd-ul-azha, no such programmes were telecast. Doordarshan (DD) claims to be a public broadcast corporation but can we expect such religious discrimination from them? On the eve of Christmas they greeted one and all, and throughout the two days the Christmas tree could be easily spotted on every programme and news of DD. Though couple of days earlier Muslims too had a grand occasion to celebrate, but no such thing was done by DD to greet people. Welcome to the farce world of secular and democratic India. In India the Hindus constitute the majority of the population. While as Muslims are the largest minority living in India, yet they are treated with such contempt. DD greeted Muslims only once as if they had done great service to the Muslim community.  Is the Public Broadcast Corporation of secular and democratic India supposed to run like this? 
Tipu Sultan