Why ban?

Greater Kashmir

Why a section of people in many states of India want to ban Haider which has been praised worldwide. For the first time Indian movie has been rated 10 out of 9 in IMBD rating. Haider is the only film of Bollywood to have received People’s Choice award in Rome. The question is why ban Haider?
Is it because Haider boldly portrayed the crackdown which Kashmiris experienced in early 90s. Is it because the film honestly screens, disappearance, tortures, Curfew and many other stark realities associated with Kashmir. There can be another reason that Haider courageously highlights the Plebiscite promise done by Jawaharlal Nehru to the people of Kashmir for their right to Self Determination. One wonders why people outside Kashmir don’t want to see the truth.
Badrul Duja
UG Student Srinagar