Why now?

Greater Kashmir

This refers to an open letter addressed to UJC Chief by Hilal Ahmad War. Why did not he make any such mention before the commencement of the on going state assembly elections. Now the elections are over.
A couple of months before parliamentary elections were held in the state people participated in the elections with not much turnout as we had in the assembly elections. May I like to know what prompted you to draft a letter to UJC in the mid of elections and why not before? If people voted for Sadak, Pani and Bijli that means people willfully voted to elect the new government even after boycott call. Haven’t the people overlooked the boycott call? Yes, it it is a fact the APHC has not been doing well over the years due to their callous attitude and ideological differences that has
cost us dear.  Your letter addressed to the UJC chief seems to be an afterthought with some reservation as this could have been done much before, when differences between the two APHC groups surfaced.
Muhammad Farooq Wani