Winter vacations

Greater Kashmir

This refers to Zehru Nissa’s news story “And now winter vacations for doctors!”  (GK, January 7). We think that winter vacation was not in existence earlier but has been started now which is not a fact.
If there is any field where people are so overstressed it is the medical field.  First of all the doctors have to undergo a long study of about 5 years for a degree of MBBS.  The syllabi and curricula are so vast that it hardly allows room for the budding doctors to take part in co-curricular activities like sports, drama, debates etc. Then they have to put in additional three years for obtaining MD/MS degrees. While undergoing the courses they have to do clinical jobs as well in interim-ships and house jobs.  Then after attaining their degrees they are not out-rightly appointed as doctors.  Now take the case of college and university teachers.  They are always on the holiday and hardly attend their duties for 6 months in a year. Yet they receive the highest pay and perks.  So we must not be judgemental about doctors.
Prof. Abdul Gani Bhat