G N Azad complements Gurezis

Greater Kashmir

Srinagar, Mar 13: Entire Gurez population expressed its jubilance when women, men, youth, old and children joined the reception procession, carried out to receive Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad on his arrival at Darwar, Gurez. He was accompanied by MLA Nazir Ahmad Gurezi, ex-MLA Faqir Muhanmmad and others.
While addressing jam-packed gathering amid chanting of slogans, Azad complemented brave people of Gurez who resisted 1947 attack and exhibited high degree of patriotism. He said that Gilgat which was part of Gurez was snatched which paralyzed economic growth of this beautiful valley.
The Chief Minister said that he has already taken up the mission to develop all far-flung and backward areas. He said Gurez and Tulail are such areas which are 8000 to 9000 feet above see level and highest snow fall is recorded in these areas. He said that as compared to 5-6 months blockade of Leh and Kargil, Gurez remains cut off for eight months. Therefore such schemes would be undertaken and survey conducted as would link the Gurez Valley with rest of the country through air traffic. Saying that more regular and increased helicopter service and boring the tunnel where ever feasible would be worked out.
Chief Minister expressed his happiness that literacy rate in this far-flung area is 50 percent which indicates that people of this area are working hard for pursuit of knowledge. He announced upgradation of high school to higher secondary school and said that degree college should have been already established in the area keeping in view the literacy rate of the area. He assured that within next three years steps would taken in this direction. He said that steps would be taken to give the concessions given to Leh and Kargil in income tax and other taxes to this area also.
He also said that a committee has been constituted which will consider giving special allowances on the pattern of Leh and Kargil to all such far-flung areas having similar situation.
Chief Minister said that steps have to be taken to help for eradication poverty by ensuring spending of money on poverty alleviation schemes and development of all far off areas. He said that various such areas have remained underdeveloped for long time and my thrust will be that all care is taken for development of these areas by creating basic amenities of education, health, communication, PHE, Irrigation, etc. Chief Minister advised the divisional administration that for appointment of Class-IV posts local employment be ensured. He said that special drive of recruitment of police and security force be also launched in the area.
Chief Minister said that God has bestowed this valley. With salacious and panoramic view and people of world are not aware of such a charming valley. He said this area has remained peaceful for last 16 years and local youth showed their sagacity by rejecting militancy out rightly. Therefore, this is the ideal place for tourists.
He also advised power department to start work on 1.5 MW Power Project besides series of micro project to cater to the needs of the area. He also said that the area is famous for potato production. However, steps are to be taken for its proper marketing. He advised industry department to explore the feasibility of introducing potato chips producing units in the area by introducing special incentive for industrialists.
He also addressed a public meeting at Neeru Tulail where he announced special block for Tulail saying that with the establishment of this block a long pending demand of the area has been fulfilled. He said with establishment of Tulail block, new development activities would get generated and accelerated besides infrastructural development.
The Chief Minister while praising beauty of Neeru Valley observed that surrounded by four hill tops, the blue sky seems to be covering the area as its permanent ceiling saying that such a captivating view is rare of the rarest places.
He said the area has been ignored so far as development of telecommunication infrastructure is concerned which, he said, is very important for this area. He said, he would take up this issue with concerned authorities.
Chief Minister said that a massive development and construction programme for villages, far off and bad pockets have been initiated to create a development scenario through out nook and corner of the state.
The Speakers who spoke on the occasion thanked the Chief Minister for visiting the area during winter saying that he is first Chief Minister who has come when the valley is still covered under two feet deep snow covering.