Hold RS polls through one notification: Bhim to ECI

Greater Kashmir

Srinagar, Jan 20: Chief Patron of National Panthers Party Prof Bhim Singh Tuesday urged the Election Commission of India to hold the forthcoming Rajya Sabha elections in J&K through a single notification “in the interest of democracy and rule of law.”
“We have four seats in J&K in Rajya Sabha and we are holding election on the same day, through same Electoral College, for the same period. What is the justification of issuing three notifications?” he wrote in a letter to the ECI, arguing, “This is only helping the ruling parties to keep the smaller parties out of contest.”
Bhim asked if there is one notification, the minimum number of MLAs would be 18 and if there are three, then one Rajya Sabha member would require +44 MLAs. “Naturally two members shall be elected by the ruling group or new alliance, BJP + PDP or anybody. The third notification to Rajya Sabha Members is only a mockery of the entire system. It shall encourage only horse-trading and daylight corruption as has been happening earlier,” he wrote.
He urged the ECI to consider the matter or refer it to the Legal Advisory Committee for their independent opinion.
“The present proposed elections for 7th February, 2015 may be postponed or may be held through one notification,” he wrote.