JK only state where 8 languages are spoken

Greater Kashmir

Azad Stresses For Promotion

Srinagar, Sept 6: Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad Thursday said there was a need to promote the local languages in the state.
 Azad, who was speaking at the 43rd state Academy awards for excellence in literature organized by the J&K Academy of Art, Culture and languages, said “our state is the only state in the country where one finds so many languages being spoken by people. It should be a matter of pride for us all that there is so much diversity of languages in the state.”
 People of Jammu and Kashmir speak around eights languages – Kashmiri, Hindi, Dogri, Gojri, Ladakhi, Pahari, Balti and Urdu.
 “Our future generation is well versed with science and technology but at the same time they should be good in the local languages,” Azad said.
 Azad directed Cultural Academy to organise programmes at the school levels for the promotion of the local languages.
 “The cultural academy should cooperate with the education department for the promotion of the local languages at school level,” Azad said.
 All of us need to work for the promotion of local languages, Azad said.
 “If we do not act now, the local languages will vanish which will be an immense loss to our state,” he said.
 Earlier Azad distributed the best book awards in 10 different languages for the year 2006.
 The recipients of the awards, included Dr Bhushan Lal Koul for his book Arzath in Kashmiri language, Prof Nazir Ahmad Malik for Rasm-ul-khat irtiqa aur jayaza in Urdu language, M Krishan Santoshi for Vitasta ka tesra kinara in Hindi language, Sadiq Ali Sadiq for Sada-e-Sadiq for Balti language, Gian Singh Pagoch for Mahatma Vidhur in Dogri language, Parvez Manoos for Chan Mama in Pahari language, Lobzang Samtan for Losal gul gyan in Ladhaki language, Dr Rafiq Anjum for Gojri Language, Wali Muhammad Aseer in English language, Prof Prem Singh for Sehmey Huay Bhot in Punjabi language.
 The award includes cash of Rs 25,000, a shawl and a memento. The awards are being given every year by the cultural academy for the excellence in literature.