Let certain things be under wraps: Modi, Obama on discussions

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New Delhi, Jan 25: What transpired between Prime Minister NarendraModi and President Barack Obama over tea at the Hyderabad House on Sunday is likely to remain in the realm of speculation with the two leaders refusing to share details of their tete-a-tete with the media.
“As far as talks are concerned, let them remain behind the curtains,” Modi said, when asked at a joint media interation with Obama what the two leaders shared during their tea session as well as during their stroll in the well-manicured lawns.
Obama also agreed with Modi on this saying, “He is right…We can’t tell you everything that we talked about.”
The US President, however, said what they did share during their personal interactions was how much sleep each of them received and it came out that Modi was getting an hour’s sleep less than him.
“I will share one thing, and that is we compared how much sleep each of us is getting and it turns out that Modi is getting even less sleep than me. But, of course that’s because he is still new. After he’s been doing this for about six years may be he will be able to get an extra hour,” Obama said as mediamen chuckled over the joke.
Modi earlier said the relationship between two nations do not depend on the commas and fullstops on paper but between what relationship and chemistry the leaders shared between them.
“When away from cameras, we talk with each other informally, we know each other closely. Barack and I have developed a friendship, and due to this openness, we can talk easily over phone, we can share a joke and laugh,” Modi said.