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Asks Delhi To Announce Political Package, Denies Quiet Dialogue

Srinagar, May 21: Rejecting quiet diplomacy, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Friday said the Hurriyat Conference (M) was ready to hold dialogue provided New Delhi announces ‘comprehensive’ political package, revokes ‘draconian’ laws, releases political prisoners and withdraws troops from towns and villages.
“If New Delhi is sincere to resume the dialogue, they should announce a comprehensive political package. In the package they should talk to pro-freedom leadership and Pakistan. Abolition of Disturbed Areas Act, Armed Forces Special Powers Act, release of political prisoners and withdrawal of troops are pre-requisites for resumption of dialogue,” Mirwaiz, who is the Chairman of Hurriyat (M), told a large gathering at Martyrs’ Graveyard Eidgah here on the anniversary of late Hurriyat leaders, Mirwaiz Molvi Farooq and Abdul Gani Lone.
The Mirwaiz warned that peace process between India and Pakistan won’t move forward unless Kashmir was made central issue. “India wants to make terrorism as focal point in talks with Pakistan and wants to keep Kashmir on background. There is also need to institutionalize the dialogue process,” he said.
He blamed New Delhi’s ‘non-seriousness’ for the failure of dialogue process. “Prime Minister of India is coming here. But he should remember that economic packages and inaugurating rail and other projects can’t take away Kashmiris from their goal. If he is serious about peace, he should announce resumption of talks with Kashmiri leadership,” he said.
“Kashmir belongs to Kashmiris and it is its people who will decide about its future. Kashmiris are masters of their destiny and not India and Pakistan,” the Hurriyat (M) Chairman vowed.
“No election or economic package can solve Kashmir. If New Delhi talks of political solution, they should stop human rights violations in Kashmir,” he said.
Rejecting “quiet diplomacy” initiated by Union Home Minister P Chadimabaram last year, Mirwaiz said, “New Delhi is giving a notion that quiet diplomacy with Kashmiri leaders is on. But let me make it clear that we want dialogue, which is for the solution of Kashmir dispute and not quiet diplomacy.”
Asking New Delhi to read the writing on the wall, Umar said, “Government of India should realise that they have not been able to crush the sentiment of Kashmiris for the last 20 years despite using brute force against them. I convey it to New Delhi that they can’t break the resolve of Kashmiris by force.”
“Our youth aren’t terrorists and aren’t against any religion. But they are fighting for a cause and want to live with dignity and honour,” he said. “India is afraid of Kashmiri youth, not the militants, and troops here aren’t to fight militants but to crush our youth.”
He said that Kashmiris weren’t fighting for chair or power. “We will take the mission of martyrs to its logical conclusion. People of J&K aren’t ready to accept anything less than Azadi.”
“We aren’t against economic prosperity, but it should not be at the cost of honour and dignity,” he said.
Lashing out at pro-India political parties, Mirwaiz said, “If they talk about Kashmir solution why don’t they pass a bill in the Assembly for it. On human rights abuses, government and opposition blame each other. If they claim to be well-wishers of Kashmiris, they should resign. This way they can’t make Kashmiris fool for a long time.”
Renewing his unity offer to different pro-freedom groups, Mirwaiz said, “Let us come forward and move together to achieve our goal. Let us leave our personal egos for the sake of movement.”
Lashing out at Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, Umar said, “He had said that people won’t be stopped from reaching Eidgah, but people from villages and civil lines areas were stopped from coming here. They are afraid of pro-freedom people.”
On Census, he said, “J&K is a Muslim majority state and if any move is made to change the demography, we won’t allow that. J&K is a disputed territory and people of AJK should also participate in the Census. About 85-90 percent people in J&K are pro-freedom.”
Warning the state government for passing, what he called, anti-Muslim bills in the Assembly, the Hurriyat (M) Chairman said, “We warn the government to stop passing such bills, otherwise there will be a massive agitation.”
“Kashmiris aren’t beggars who are fighting for subsidies and contracts. One of our boys topped IAS and our doctors and engineers shine worldwide. Kashmiri youth have talent and they have showed it time and again,” he said.
Senior Hurriyat leaders Moulana Masroor Abass Ansari, Aga Syed Mosvi and former Bar Association president Nazir Ahmad Ronga also addressed the people.
Awami Action Committee leaders Advocate Shahid-ul-Islam, Prof Habib-ullah Jeelani, Mushtaq A Sofi and Ghulam Qadir Beig were also present on the occasion.