'No solution within Indian constitution'

Greater Kashmir

Srinagar, Nov 16: Chairman of Hurriyat Conference (M) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Friday said people won’t accept any solution to Kashmir problem within the ambit of Indian constitution.
 “We are not ready to accept status-quo, neither are we ready to accept any solution within the ambit of Indian constitution,” Mirwaiz told Greater Kashmir.
 Mirwaiz accused pro-Indian parties of “creating confusion” in the name of Kashmir resolution. “National Conference’s concept of autonomy and PDP’s self rule falls within the ambit of Indian constitution. The formulas projected by them are nowhere connected with Kashmir resolution,” he said, “We are not demanding concessions, neither are we for power. Our concept of self governance is an arrangement between India, Pakistan and both the Kashmirs.”        
 Mirwaiz said that Kashmir should have its own Prime Minister, President, Assembly, Judiciary and Election Commission. “All these points are mentioned in the four point formula put forward by Pakistan President,” he said.
 Indo-Pak dialogue process can’t move ahead till Kashmir’s relationship with Pakistan, Muzaffarabad and New Delhi is redefined.  
 Mirwaiz said, “Hurriyat wants Kashmir’s relationship with Muzaffarabad, Pakistan and New Delhi should be defined once for all.”
 Terming demilitarization of Jammu and Kashmir as the prerequisite for dialogue process to move ahead, Mirwaiz said,
 “Troops have to be withdrawn first for dialogue process to carry on.”
 The Hurriyat chairman reiterated that the four point formula put forward by Pakistan President General Parvez Musharraf can become the basis of Kashmir resolution.
 The Hurriyat chairman claimed that New Delhi and Islamabad were holding “serious deliberations” over all the aspects till June, but the crisis in Pakistan slowed down the dialogue process.
 “Once the situation in Pakistan improves, dialogue process will again gain momentum,” he said.