Yasin Malik to hold protest rally on Friday

Greater Kashmir

Says JK’s Muslim-majority status will be protected at any cost

Srinagar, Jan 12: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik Monday said he would hold a protest sit-in and procession on January 16 (Friday) at Lal Chowk here against New Delhi’s move to permanently settle the West Pakistan refugees in the state.
In a statement here, Malik termed the Joint Parliamentary Committee’s recommendations of granting citizenship rights and other benefits to the West Pakistan refugees as “a conspiracy to change the demography of Jammu Kashmir.”
“Granting West Pakistan refugees permanent citizenship of Jammu Kashmir is a conspiracy to destroy the existing social fabric of Jammu and Kashmir. The aim of this conspiracy is to change the demography of the state and destroy its Muslim-majority status. People of Jammu Kashmir will never remain silent over these conspiracies being hatched at the behest of RSS and its allies and will protest these moves forcefully. This is not the first time when these conspiracies are being cooked up. In fact after invading Jammu Kashmir in 1947, the Indian leadership started its efforts to change the demography of this Muslim majority state to satisfy their political and occupational ends,”
Malik said.
He said the “RSS and its allies in power and Indian leaders have enhanced their efforts to fulfill this condemnable agenda.”
 “India and its leadership must bear in mind that these conspiracies will meet a tough resistance from the people of Jammu and Kashmir. A nation that has sacrificed thousands for its freedom has enough courage and resilience to resist such moves and all the responsibilities of the consequences would rest on the heads of Indian rulers,” he said.
“Jammu Kashmir is a Muslim majority state and before 1947, the percentage of Muslims in this state exceeded 90%. In 1947, the extremist forces backed by erstwhile Maharaja and his forces massacred thousands of Muslims in Jammu in their pursuit to change the demography of the state and thus the percentage of Muslims minimized. From 1947, conspiracies to further minimize this percentage and turn majority into minority are going on and these new recommendations have added to the volume of these conspiracies. Even the constitution of India gives Jammu Kashmir a special status under article 370 and according to this law no Indian citizen is allowed to settle, became permanent resident or voter of the state of Jammu Kashmir and these refugees whose number exceeds 5 Lakh, being from west Pakistan are not the permanent residents of Jammu Kashmir and hence cannot be given such status,” Malik said.
He said in 1982, the state assembly passed the resettlement act to benefit those who had migrated to Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK) in 1947 “but the Indian state outrightly rejected the legislation.”
“Today even the properties of those migrants are being sold at low prices by the rulers, but on the other hand people from West Pakistan who are not the citizens of Jammu Kashmir in any way are forcefully being imposed on us,” Malik said, warning that “if such moves are not stopped immediately, Kashmiris will be forced to go for a comprehensive protest against this and all responsibilities of the consequences would rest on the heads of Indian rulers and their state puppets.”